Auto Hauler System

Auto Hauler System

MyRig Auto Hauler Software

If you haul autos for a living, you know that getting your cargo from one destination to another is only part of the job. You must also perform inspections, keep records and maintain contact with dispatchers.

MyRig, a cutting-edge auto hauler software app developed by transportation software leader CSI, will help you perform these essential tasks with greater speed and efficiency. MyRig is a mobile auto hauler app that can be installed on your Android tablet, so you can take advantage of its many user-friendly features wherever you go.

Use Our Auto Hauler App for Protection Against False Damage Claims

A liability claim for damage to an auto you deliver can be costly. Use MyRig to photograph your cargo at the auto dealer or other delivery site and to capture electronic signatures. You will drive away with the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a false damage claim, you have access to the documentation you need to back you up.

Conduct Fast and Accurate Vehicle and Load Inspections

With our user-friendly auto hauler tablet app, you can perform vehicle and load inspections with greater speed and accuracy. By using the app to record required inspection information, you will cut down on the need for paper documents and forms.

Administrative Benefits

The MyRig auto hauler app helps you keep track of trip expenses and maintain accurate records regarding vehicle use. Experience streamlined recordkeeping that will ensure a smooth driver settlement process so you can get paid on time and "on the money."

Improved Communication Process

Our auto hauler app is compatible with tablets equipped with GPS satellite and Bluetooth technology, making it easy to stay in touch with dispatchers. Inform dispatchers of delays or vehicle maintenance issues in a timely manner and receive information concerning route or schedule changes as soon as they occur.

The MyRig Auto Hauler App: A Driver's Best Friend

Download MyRig to your mobile device, or contact us for a free demo today. It won't take you long to discover that MyRig is an auto hauler's best friend!