MyRig Features

MyRig Features

MyRig, the Android tablet-based mobile trucking software app from CSI, is revolutionizing the way drivers and trucking companies operate. MyRig is chock full of useful features that will improve driver efficiency and cash flow; better serve your customer base, and help cut costs. MyRig is easy to use, and its low price makes it an affordable trucking software app.

Take a Look at the Wide Range of Available Features

The most popular features of MyRig are its interactive processing of assigned loads, signature capture, and processes for the Daily Trip Sheet. When drivers combine the signature capture feature with MyRig's digital imaging capabilities, they can protect themselves against false damage claims.

The comprehensive list of MyRig features includes:

  • Driver daily scheduling - Optimize the driver scheduling and route assignment process
  • Load processing - Increase load efficiency
  • Load inspection - Drivers can perform and report spot inspections with ease
  • Signature capture - Instant electronic signature capabilities
  • Trip reporting - Includes state breakdowns, hub readings and more
  • Home Page - Quick summary of messages received and loads tendered
  • Vehicle inspection - Enter vehicle damage and other related information
  • Paperless functionality - Eliminates the need for printed schedules, customer receipts, trip reports, etc.
  • Rig performance - Maximize rig performance and reduce vehicle operating costs
  • GPS tracking option - capability for Drivers to take the most efficient route and for Dispatchers to know where their drivers to optimize load assignments

MyRig's Mobility Makes a Major Difference

Download MyRig to your Android tablets today and experience the difference mobility can make!