Android Trucking App

Android Trucking Apps

The Benefits of Android Trucking Solutions Software

Mobility defines the transportation industry. That's why software-equipped mobile devices and trucking are a perfect match. Trucking apps for Android tablets are rapidly becoming an integral part of transportation operations everywhere as they allow drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers and accounting personnel to operate with greater effectiveness and efficiency. The MyRig trucking software Android app from CSI is leading the way when it comes to innovative mobile software technology.

Our Android Trucking App Eliminates the Nuisance Liability Claims

If you're a driver, becoming the victim of a false damage claim is inevitable at some point. The MyRig Android trucking app virtually eliminates this worry by enabling you to capture electronic signatures and photograph loads. You'll have all the documentation you need to protect you against these nuisance liability claims.

MyRig is also an essential tool for any driver looking to "go paperless." You'll be able to use the app to record information regarding mileage, maintenance, trip expenses, vehicle and load inspections, and more instead of relying on paper forms.

Other Android Trucking App Uses

While dispatchers, maintenance personnel and bookkeepers don't spend as much time on the road as drivers, they can still take advantage of what MyRig has to offer. Dispatchers can use our Android trucking solutions software to plan schedules and routes, redirect loads when necessary, and keep tabs on driver activities. For trucks equipped with Bluetooth technology, the app can be used to communicate with drivers. Fleet managers can use the app to ensure timely maintenance is performed on every vehicle in the fleet. Accounting personnel enjoy easy access to real-time financial records and data.

An Easy-to-use and Affordable Trucking Software Android App

MyRig is designed to be easy to use. It can also be customized for installation in a vehicle as well as on a portable device. You can take advantage of MyRig's multiple features without maintaining a constant Internet connection, which provides even greater flexibility and mobility. MyRig's low price point makes it a highly affordable trucking software solution.

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