Driver Daily Schedule

Driver Daily Schedule

Dispatchers face the never-ending challenge of scheduling drivers in a way that maximizes their productivity. Route optimization is also an ongoing concern.

With MyRig, driver scheduling has never been easier. MyRig is a state-of-the-art trucking software app available from CSI, a leading provider of effective trucking software solutions since 1990. MyRig enables you to manage and monitor driver scheduling, whether you're in the office or on the road. It also provides important benefits for drivers, especially its signature capture and photography features that provide effective protection against false damage claims.

With MyRig, dispatchers can easily perform a number of scheduling functions such as:

  • Assign drivers to routes
  • Track working hours to ensure compliance with federal laws
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to driver schedules as needed
  • Plan work schedules with greater ease and efficiency
  • Improve delivery service and reduce overall transportation costs

MyRig's low price point makes it an affordable driver scheduling software solution.. MyRig is designed for use with Android tablets, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Eliminate Driver Scheduling Hassles for Good

Don't let driver scheduling problems hinder your business any longer. Equip your transportation operation with MyRig today!