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Dump Truck Software

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For years, business software from CSI has been an invaluable asset to Dump Truck companies. MyRig, a multifunctional dump truck app designed for use with Android tablets, now enables drivers to have our dump truck dispatch programs at their disposal wherever they go and without the need to maintain a constant Internet connection. With MyRig, the job management process has never been easier!

Our Dump Truck Business Software Simplifies Life for Drivers

The MyRig dump truck app is truly a driver's best friend. The robust driver settlement features remove the hassles from the settlement process, ensuring drivers receive timely and accurate payment. When used with mobile devices that support Bluetooth technology, MyRig enables drivers to communicate easily with dispatchers and keep them abreast of developments on the jobsite. Drivers can concentrate on what they do best: working efficiently to reap the greatest financial rewards.

Other MyRig Dump Truck Dispatch Software Benefits

Independent drivers and Carriers looking to minimize expenses benefit from MyRig's low price point. All users will appreciate that the MyRig app is easy to learn and requires minimal training. MyRig is completely customizable to the needs of the business or the driver, as it can be installed in a truck and/or carried along on a tablet.

How Can Dispatchers Also Use MyRig?

MyRig facilitates the process of assigning loads to drivers jobs. By taking advantage of MyRig's GPS tracking feature, dispatchers can determine the location of drivers and vehicles at all times and redirect them on a moment's notice if necessary, which is critical for effectively managing a dynamic dump truck dispatch environment. Dispatchers have the flexibility to design their own planning sheets and manage multiple commodities within each specific job.

Get Your Free MyRig Dump Truck App Demo Today!

To get a better sense of what MyRig can do on a risk-free basis, contact us for a free demo so you can try our state-of-the art dump truck app on for size. Discover the many ways in which MyRig can maximize the efficiency of your RIG's operation.