GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

The ability to track the location of your drivers at all times is a critical component to the success of any trucking operation. MyRig, the Android tablet-based software app from CSI, provides dispatchers and logistics personnel with greater control over every vehicle in a fleet. MyRig makes use of GPS tracking software to enable you to monitor driver activities and behavior from virtually anywhere.

MyRig Practically Puts You in the Passenger Seat

The benefits of GPS tracking with the aid of MyRig include:

  • Improved driver behavior - Cut down on unsafe and inefficient activities, such as speeding and idling, that consume fuel and pose a safety hazard
  • Enhanced mapping capabilities - Improve route planning and avoid traffic delays
  • Availability of timely reports and alerts - Get access to informative reports that further detail driver activity
  • Better customer service - Reduce the occurrence of late deliveries through more efficient routing and dispatching

Drivers Benefit from Protection Against False Claims

Drivers can take advantage of MyRig's ability to protect them against false claims. By using the app to take pictures of loads and capture signatures during delivery, they get all the documentation they need to back them up in the event of an unfounded liability claim.

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With MyRig, real-time tracking information is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are!