Load Inspection

Load Inspection

The MyRig trucking software app from CSI saves time and eliminates hassles during the load inspection process. Because MyRig is designed for use with Android tablets and other mobile devices, load inspections can be performed with greater speed and accuracy. Drivers can use the electronic signature capture and photography features to document load conditions, providing protection against unfounded liability claims.

MyRig: The Right Choice for Your Load Inspection Process

While there is a variety of trucking software apps to choose from, MyRig offers a number of important advantages including:

  • Lower price point
  • The flexibility to customize the software to your specific load inspection applications
  • Ease of use even for those who have never used a trucking software application before
  • Portability to go wherever you need to use it
  • Easy integration with existing dispatching/routing applications

Download MyRig Today!

Take an important step to improving your load inspection process and eliminating false damage claims once and for all. Download the MyRig trucking software solution to your mobile devices or contact us for a no-risk demo today!