Paperless Software App

The MyRig software app from CSI is the perfect way to streamline your trucking operation and eliminate waste. Because MyRig is designed for use with Android tablets and other mobile devices, it reduces your company's dependence on paper for the creation and management of documents such as freight bills, accounting forms, maintenance records and mileage logs. Your drivers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel can record and access critical information electronically, regardless of where they are!

Paperless Is the Way to Go!

Paperless MyRig offers many benefits including:

  • Load documentation - Drivers can use the app's electronic signature and photographing capabilities to eliminate false damage claims
  • Increased accuracy - Eliminate paper document reporting errors that ultimately cost your company money
  • Efficiency - Having the capability to enter and access information faster leads to more effective time management
  • Environmental - Cutting back on paper is an essential step for any company committed to "going green"

Download MyRig to Your Mobile Devices Today!

Take an important step to enhancing your company's bottom line. Download MyRig to your company's mobile devices and reduce the need for paper!