Rig Performance

Rig Performance

Improve the performance of your company's vehicle fleet with MyRig, the mobile trucking software app from CSI. MyRig is an indispensable tool when it comes to monitoring your fleet and keeping operating costs low. Spot areas of rig performance that need attention before they can develop into serious - and costly - issues that take a big bite out of your bottom line.

Why Transportation Companies Prefer MyRig

Transportation and trucking companies everywhere are turning to MyRig for many reasons including:

  • Cost-effectiveness - MyRig is less expensive than other similar trucking software apps on the market
  • Ease of use - MyRig is designed to be user-friendly for even novice trucking software users
  • Customization - MyRig can be easily customized to meet the unique rig performance needs of your company
  • Mobility - Because MyRig is designed for use with Android tablets and other mobile devices, it can go wherever you need it to go

Drivers also love MyRig because it provides the capability to document load conditions by using its signature capture and photography features, offering protection from nuisance liability claims.

Improve rig performance the easy way - download the MyRig app today!