Signature Capture

Signature Capture

Electronic signatures are rapidly becoming standard operating procedure in the transportation business. Electronic signatures offer greater security and convenience while providing an indelible record of a transaction or delivery.

With MyRig, the Android tablet-based trucking software app from CSI, you can capture signatures quickly and securely. When you combine an electronic signature with MyRig's ability to take pictures of loads, you have excellent protection from liability issues resulting from false damage claims.

So Many Reasons to Choose MyRig

By choosing MyRig for use in signature capturing applications, you will experience a wide range of additional benefits including:

  • Enhanced driver communication
  • Increased mobility
  • Greater flexibility
  • Ability to integrate your existing routing/dispatch application
  • Low price point

MyRig is also easy to use and requires little training, so there's no lengthy learning curve required.

Download MyRig Today!

Capture signatures the fast, easy and safe way to protect yourself against those nuisance liability claims. Download the user-friendly MyRig app to your Android tablet today, or contact us for a no-obligation product demo. Discover why MyRig is any driver's best friend!