Trip Reporting

Trip Reporting

The trip reporting process has never been easier than when using MyRig, the Android tablet-based trucking software app from CSI. MyRig enables drivers to perform detailed trip reporting that includes state breakdowns and hub readings, providing dispatchers with timely and accurate information. In addition, drivers can use MyRig to capture signatures and photograph loads while at the delivery site to protect them against unfounded liability claims.

Why Choose MyRig for Your Truck Reporting Needs?

The long list of benefits MyRig includes:

  • Customization - MyRig can be easily installed on a truck-mounted computer or Android tablet
  • Ease of use - MyRig requires little in the way of technical know-how or training to use effectively
  • Driver communication - MyRig provides enhanced communication capabilities between drivers and dispatchers, which can improve driver performance
  • No need for constant Internet connection
  • Low cost - MyRig's low price point makes it an affordable truck reporting software solution

MyRig Can Handle All Your Trip Reporting Needs

Take your trip reporting capabilities to the next level. Download MyRig to your Android tablet today, or contact us for a no-risk demo!