Truck Company Software

Truck Company Software

MyRig: The Best Choice in Software for Trucking Companies

MyRig in an innovative software solution from CSI, a leading truck company software program provider since 1990. This truck company app can be downloaded to an Android tablet, providing the all-important benefit of mobility. MyRig is easy to use and requires minimal training or trucking company software expertise for effective operation.

MyRig Is a Driver's Best Friend

The mobile MyRig truck company Android app offers signature capture and load photographing capabilities, proving excellent protection against false damage claims. If drivers are involved in an accident or experience mechanical difficulties, they can use MyRig to report the details and receive further direction.

By installing MyRig on your drivers' in-truck computers and tablets, you're taking an important step toward increasing productivity and improving operating efficiency. Drivers can receive timely load assignment and scheduling information. They can perform numerous administrative functions seamlessly and inexpensively. Tasks such as recording trip expense and load and vehicle inspection information can now be performed with greater speed and accuracy. Drivers can use MyRig without having to maintain a constant Internet connection.

MyRig Is an Effective Management Tool

MyRig trucking company software can also serve as an extremely valuable management tool. When used with tablets equipped with GPS technology and support Bluetooth technology, management can determine whether a driver is speeding or hard braking and take corrective measures if warranted. Dispatchers can pinpoint the location of every vehicle on the road at all times and redirect drivers promptly if necessary. MyRig can be easily integrated into existing route/dispatch applications and interfaced to any enterprise software trucking product.

Affordable Software for Trucking Companies

What trucking company isn't looking for ways to save money these days? With its low price point, MyRig can suit even the tightest transportation budgets, making it a highly affordable software solution for any company looking for ways to get the most out of limited resources.

Experience the MyRig Advantage Today

Experience the many ways in which MyRig can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Download our truck company app to all your mobile devices today!