Truck Software

Truck Software

Trucking Software with Mapping, Loading and Mobile Capabilities … and More

Companies that operate a vehicle fleet of any size can benefit from MyRig trucking software because it saves time and reduces operating expenses. MyRig makes truck loading, mapping and assisting drivers while on the road seamless. This powerful yet easy trucking software product is Android tablet-based for ultimate mobility, and even individuals who are new to truckers' software can learn how to use it quickly.

Liability Protection

MyRig truck driver software includes powerful reporting and claim-processing features. Drivers with MyRig no longer have to be concerned with liability issues due to unfounded damage claims. By using the app to capture signatures and photograph loads, drivers have access to documentation at their fingertips that can protect them against false claims.

Truck Mapping Software that Saves You Time and Resources

MyRig truck mapping software includes GPS satellite technology that helps dispatchers monitor the location of their vehicles at all times, as well as the operating patterns and behaviors of their drivers. Today's truck drivers rely heavily on mapping software as a navigational tool that enables them to avoid costly delays. Drivers can preplan their routes, which saves them a substantial amount of time. They can find out about weather or traffic conditions that could necessitate a change in a route. If a sudden scheduling change occurs, management can easily determine the real-time location of every driver on the road and make a sound rerouting decision.

Enhanced Dispatching Capabilities

MyRig truck loading software can automate the load planning process by providing accurate information regarding load assignments, delivery instructions and load sequence, resulting in increased loading efficiency. With MyRig, you can optimize your resources and improve your bottom line.

Truck Software App

The development of this truck software app has facilitated the use of transportation software. Drivers and dispatchers can use this Android tablet-based software wherever they may be.

Discover What MyRig Can Do for You!

Take advantage of all that the MyRig truck software app has to offer: download it to your Android tablet today! A free MyRig demo is also available.

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