Truckers Tablet

Truckers Tablet

The Best Mobile Apps for Drivers

If you're an over-the-road driver who has made an Android tablet or iPad for truckers a regular traveling companion on all your trips, you've probably wondered how you ever got by without one. Tablet apps for trucking have revolutionized the way drivers approach their jobs while making life so much easier. MyRig takes it to the next level.

Whether you're an experienced tablet user or brand-new to the world of mobile apps for trucking, you owe it to yourself to explore the many benefits offered by MyRig, a state-of-the-art trucking app from CSI., a leader in the development of cutting-edge trucking software solutions for more than 20 years.

Eliminate False Damage Claims with MyRig

Have you ever found yourself on the hook for an unwarranted damage claim? MyRig is your best defense against false liability issues. The app is equipped with photography and signature capturing features that provide additional security against false damage claims. Get all the documentation you need and enjoy greater peace of mind when you download MyApp to your mobile device.

Tablet Apps for Drivers Reduce the Recordkeeping Hassle

If you're currently not using a tablet, you probably find yourself dealing with a tremendous amount of paperwork. With mobile apps for drivers like MyRig, you can dramatically decrease your dependence on paper. MyRig allows you to conduct vehicle and load inspections with greater speed and efficiency. You can easily keep track of trip-related expense information, record mileage and other vehicle use information. Just one app can do this and more.

Mobile Apps for Trucking Don't Have to Be Complicated

Both new and veteran mobile app users will find that MyRig is easy to use, and you'll be up to speed on its many valuable features in no time. The app is totally customizable, so you can install it on a rig-mounted or portable mobile device. If you're an independent trucker, you'll be happy to know that MyRig's low price point will help you keep expenses to a minimum.

Try Before You Buy

We invite you to take advantage of our free MyRig demo. Experience the difference MyRig can make for you!