Freight Broker Software

Freight Broker Software

Upgrade Your Freight Billing Software with MyRig

How satisfied are you with your freight billing software? If you're a freight broker and it has been awhile since your last software upgrade, there's a good chance your freight billing system leaves much to be desired. MyRig, the dynamic software for freight brokers from CSI, can take your freight billing process to the next level.

What Can You Do with MyRig?

MyRig, a downloadable freight broker app designed for use with your Android tablets, offers

superior flexibility. Rate bills automatically or manually by the method you prefer, such as by miles, weight, commodity and more. Take advantage of automatic numbering and quickly trace the history of all bills and orders. Easily tailor specialized charges on a customer-by-customer basis. MyRig greatly simplifies the rebilling task and allows for electronic transmittal via EDI, FTP or email.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Functions

MyRig is flexible enough to provide integration with your existing routing/dispatch application. In addition, all relevant billing information automatically flows to other accounting modules when updated. MyRig is designed to interact with your company's supplemental imaging applications.

MyRig Is a Mobile and User-Friendly Freight Billing System

Freight billing with MyRig is easy, even if you're new to the world of freight broker apps. The fact that MyRig is designed for use with your mobile devices means you can take it with you wherever you go. From a cost perspective, you'll appreciate that MyRig is less expensive than comparable freight broker apps on the market today.

A Valuable Asset for Drivers as Well

Drivers love MyRig because it enables them to receive settlement and freight billing information with ease, no matter where they are. The app's signature capturing and photography functions provide them with critical documentation that protects them against unwarranted damage claims.

Try Out Our Freight Billing Software for Brokers on a Risk-Free Basis

If you're still not convinced that MyRig will revolutionize your freight billing system, contact us for a free demo. We know that once you experience its numerous benefits, you'll want to make MyRig a key part of your company's freight billing process.