Dependable Intermodal Software Solutions

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Dependable Intermodal Software Solutions

Intermodal software from CSI has been helping transportation companies operate more efficiently for years. With the introduction of MyRig, an intermodal dispatch app designed for use with Android tablets, drivers can perform a variety of vital functions with greater speed and accuracy. MyRig can be easily interfaced to any Enterprise Trucking Software product and learning to use the app is a breeze.

Enhanced Load Inspection and Claim-Processing Capabilities

Drivers can benefit from the greater security and protection against liability claims that the MyRig intermodal dispatch app offers. Drivers have the ability to capture electronic signatures and photograph loads, providing them with essential documentation for combatting false damage claims. They can depart a delivery site knowing they're covered in the event a complaint is made a few weeks down the road.

Improved Communication with Dispatch

MyRig facilitates the communication process between drivers and dispatchers. Drivers can use the intermodal dispatch app to receive trip instructions and process load assignments in a timely manner. Dispatchers can inform drivers about route or schedule changes as they occur. Should a rig maintenance issue crop up, drivers can use the app to inform dispatchers of the issue and to receive additional instructions if necessary.

Streamlining the Recordkeeping Process

For many drivers, the administrative part of the job is the least enjoyable and is often viewed as a necessary evil. Intermodal software solutions like MyRig take the aggravation out of recordkeeping and other non-productive administrative tasks. Drivers can quickly and easily capture vehicle and load inspection information as well as record trip expense data. This can help eliminate mistakes that impact payment at settlement time.

Other Key Intermodal Dispatch Tablet App Benefits

Wherever you use your Android tablet, you can take advantage of MyRig's many user-friendly features. A constant Internet connection is not required. Thanks to MyRig's low price point, it's a very affordable intermodal software solution for drivers and transportation companies alike.

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