Route Optimization Software

Route Optimization Software

MyRig: Superior Software for Route Optimization

Truck route optimization is essential for minimizing transportation costs while ensuring the highest level of service to your customers. If your current truck optimization software isn't getting the job done, consider switching to MyRig, the innovative route optimization app from CSI. MyRig is a user-friendly software solution that makes real-time logistics planning a breeze.

Experience Improved Route Planning with MyRig

From a route planning standpoint, MyRig enables you to take into account critical factors such as transportation costs, loading and unloading times, and driver and vehicle availability. Our route optimization app allows you to test your routes by creating a variety of "what if" scenarios, so you can fine-tune the routing process. You'll be able to consider factors that could have a negative impact on route optimization, such as understaffing or unexpected delays during unloading.

Dispatchers, Drivers and Customers Benefit from Our Truck Route Optimization Software

Dispatchers can benefit from MyRig's ability to provide application-generated assignment of available resources to loads for their review and approval. Drivers appreciate the fact that MyRig allows them to make the best use of their most precious commodity: time. From a customer perspective, the MyRig truck route optimization solution reduces the occurrence of delayed shipments caused by an ineffective routing process.

Why Else Should You Choose the MyRig Route Optimization App?

We designed MyRig so that even novice route optimization app users can take advantage of its many benefits with minimal training. MyRig can also be easily integrated into your current routing/dispatch application. If you're a driver, MyRig's ability to capture electronic signatures and photograph loads helps to eliminate the liability that can result from false load damage claims. And if you're seeking the most cost-effective truck route optimization solution, you'll be happy to know that MyRig is less expensive than comparable trucking apps on the market today.

Try MyRig on a Risk-Free Basis

If you'd like to give MyRig a try without making a financial commitment, contact us for a free demo. Once you discover the many ways in which MyRig can help you achieve route optimization, we know you'll want to download it to all your mobile devices!