Transportation Software

Transportation Software

MyRig: A Dynamic Transportation Software App for Drivers and Dispatchers

MyRig, a downloadable transportation software app designed for use with Android tablets, can improve the operating efficiency for your transportation company.

If you're a driver, you'll appreciate the reporting ability and claim-processing features that can protect you against false claims of pre-existing load damage. These enhanced reporting capabilities include electronic signature capturing and the ability to photograph loads and essential documentation.

It also features a number of customizable options so it to be installed inside your rig or used portably for vehicle and load inspections. You'll have the capability to keep precise records regarding vehicle maintenance, trip expenses and more. Best of all, it's easy to use and can be interfaced to any Enterprise Trucking Software product.

MyRig Makes Life Easier for Management Too

If you're a dispatcher, MyRig is a valuable transportation scheduling software tool. Developing route designs and assigning drivers is easier and quicker with MyRig. Since it facilitates two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers, on-the-fly adjustments of routes and schedules is seamless. MyRig transportation scheduling software can be easily integrated into your existing routing/dispatch application.

MyRig: An Affordable Trucking Software Solution

MyRig is the best transportation software app for transportation companies, brokers and independent drivers looking to minimize operating costs. Not only does MyRig have a lower price point, it also provides significant cost savings through greater operating efficiency.

CSI: A Leader Among Transportation Companies

CSI, widely regarded as a top transportation company for effective trucking software solutions since 1990, developed MyRig. CSI offers revolutionary software products that are customized to meet the specialized needs of every aspect of the trucking industry. We also have the know-how to help you implement your software in the most effective manner.

Download MyRig to Your Company's Mobile Devices Today

Get the most out of your trucking software by downloading MyRig to your company's mobile devices today! You can also contact us to arrange a no-obligation product demo that allows you to try MyRig on a risk-free basis.

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