Accounting Software for Trucks

Truck Accounting Software

MyRig: Reliable Accounting Software for Trucking Companies

When it comes to your transportation company's financial recordkeeping processes, accuracy is everything. With MyRig, a state-of-the-art trucking accounting software app from CSI, total financial and accounting control is literally at your fingertips. Experience seamless integration of a wide range of accounting functions for streamlined financial operations. MyRig is available in a truck accounting Android tablet app and is compatible with many other mobile devices.

Flawless Management of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Functions

The MyRig truck accounting app gives you complete access to numerous essential AR reports. Process credit and debit memos and miscellaneous invoices with ease, and address short and unapplied payment issues with maximum effectiveness. AP functionality includes the ability to track multiple checking and AP accounts, process recurring vouchers and generate cash requirement reports.

The Best Truck Accounting Software for Freight Billing and Driver Settlement

You can use our truck accounting app to adjust, rate or electronically transmit freight bills and automatically receive freight billing updates from dispatching. All updated freight billing information is also received by accounting.

Your drivers will appreciate the way MyRig simplifies the driver settlement process, especially for ensuring swift and accurate payment. Drivers benefit from the app's ability to serve as a documentation tool to protect them against unfounded damage claims. With its reporting and claim-processing features, drivers can take photos of loads and accept electronic signatures to verify their conditions.

Other Truck Accounting App Benefits

MyRig facilitates the driver communication process, which benefits drivers, dispatchers and accounting personnel. The app is easy to use, and a constant Internet connection is not required. Perhaps best of all, MyRig is completely mobile, so its many user-friendly features can be accessed whether in the office or on the road. You get all these important benefits at a cost that is lower than similar apps on the market today, making MyRig a very affordable trucking accounting software solution.

Make MyRig Accounting Software for Trucking a Part of Your Company's Financial Management Solution

Take the worry out of your company's accounting and financial management process once and for all. Download the MyRig truck accounting app to your company's mobile devices or contact us for a free demo today!