Truck Productivity Computer

Truck Productivity Computer

MyRig: Truck Productivity Software for Ultimate Efficiency

If you're an independent truck driver, time means money. Truck productivity software is an indispensable tool that can help you maximize your time - and your income. With the MyRig truck productivity tablet app from CSI, the tools you need to make the most out of every mile are always at your fingertips.

Truck Productivity Apps Protect Against False Damage Claims

A false damage claim is a time-consuming hassle, not to mention a possible additional expense, that you can surely live without. The MyRig truck productivity app enables you to capture electronic signatures and photograph loads. This essential documentation will protect you against baseless damage claims down the road.

Enjoy Streamlined Load Assignment Processing

MyRig enables you to process load assignments more quickly, so you can get on the road and start making money with minimal delays. Get accurate, real-time information regarding load assignments, delivery instructions and load sequence. Because truck productivity apps are mobile, you can process assignments from wherever you happen to be.

Less Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Are you wasting precious time doing paperwork? If so, you'll love our truck productivity tablet app. With MyRig, you'll reduce the time you spend recording trip expense information, completing vehicle and load inspection reports, and performing a host of other mundane recordkeeping tasks. By centralizing the recordkeeping process, you'll also experience greater document organization and accuracy, which can help you avoid costly mistakes.

A Customizable and Cost-Effective Trucking Software Solution

MyRig can be installed on a device in your rig as well as on a portable Android tablet, making it a useful productivity tool you can take with you wherever you go. MyRig is affordably priced, so you will save money on your truck productivity app purchase. We've made MyRig intuitive so you won't waste time learning how to use its many valuable features, even if you're a first-time trucking software user.

Put MyRig in Your Rig Today!

Get the most out of every day you spend on the road. Discover what makes MyRig a driver's best friend!

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