MyRig: Dynamic Rig Tracking Software

Load Tracking Software

MyRig: Dynamic Rig Tracking Software

How many trucks does your company have on the road at one time? Whether your fleet consists of three, 30 or 300 trucks, MyRig, a dynamic load tracker software app from CSI, let's you know the precise location of every vehicle on the road at all times. And because MyRig can be downloaded to an Android tablet, you have the ability to track loads whether you're in the office or on the road. MyRig can be easily interfaced to any Enterprise Trucking Software product and learning to use the app is a breeze.

A Seamless and Inexpensive Load Tracking App

With MyRig software for load tracking, dispatchers can easily find loads that are closest to a driver to ensure faster pickup and delivery. Loads can be quickly redirected, should the need arise. MyRig also serves as a valuable customer service tool, as management can keep customers abreast of issues that could impact a delivery schedule, such as a vehicle breakdown or delays caused by inclement weather.

The MyRig Load Tracking App Reduces Driver Liability Issues

OTR drivers face the constant worry posed by the threat of false damage claims. Because MyRig is a mobile trucking app, it gives drivers the tools they need to protect themselves against these unwarranted claims. The app is equipped with document imaging and electronic signature capturing features that serve as effective backup and protection for drivers. They can also update load information with ease while still at the delivery site. If problems with the load occur, drivers can use the load tracker software to communicate the issues to dispatch.

Enhanced Claim-Processing and Reporting Capabilities

Superior mobile apps for truckers like MyRig make it easy to protect yourself against false damage claims. By using the app to photograph loads and capture electronic signatures while at the delivery site, you'll have key documentation to back you up against baseless claims of pre-existing damage.

Flexible OTR Load Tracking Software that's Easy to Use

The MyRig load tracking app can be downloaded to an Android tablet, offering the superior flexibility and mobility that transportation professionals demand. The need for a constant Internet connection is not required. MyRig is designed to be user friendly, which saves hassle and precious time. And with its low price point, MyRig is a welcome addition to any transportation company looking to cut costs.

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