Truck Management

Truck Management

MyRig: A Driver's Best Friend

In addition to helping drivers get to where they need to go, MyRig truck driver software helps truckers perform a variety of administrative functions seamlessly and inexpensively. Drivers can easily process load assignments; capture signatures when needed; photograph documents for load backup; conduct vehicle and load inspections; maintain accurate records related to vehicle use, as well as keep track of trip expense information.

MyRig: Truck Management Software that Does it All for the Driver

Truck management software has become an essential tool for effectively managing a commercial vehicle fleet. MyRig, an innovative truck management system, enables dispatchers to track the location of their vehicles at all times and helps fleet managers maintain the vehicles with greater efficiency. When utilized properly, this trucking management software can help companies reduce costs associated with the operation of a fleet.

How Drivers Use the MyRig Truck Management System on a Tablet

MyRig truck management software is an app for tablets equipped with GPS satellite technology and trucks supporting Bluetooth technology. In addition to pinpointing a driver's location, GPS systems can provide dispatchers with information that can help them improve driver performance. For instance, management can tell if a driver if speeding or hard braking. Dispatchers can also assign drivers to routes more efficiently and can reroute drivers quickly if the need arises.

Maintenance Benefits

From a maintenance standpoint, MyRig trucking management software provides fleet service personnel with real-time information. Fleet managers can ensure timely service is performed on every vehicle, which can ward off major repairs and increase the lifespan of the vehicles. Fleet managers can also accurately monitor fuel efficiency, which can result in lower fuel costs for the company.

Other Truck Management Software Uses

This trucking software's uses extend beyond dispatching and fleet maintenance. It can also be a highly valuable tool for a variety of financial and accounting functions, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.

MyRig software is widely used in the driver settlement process to pay drivers and cover their on-road expenses, such as fuel and tolls, to track the number of hours worked, and to update settlement data to various financial reports. Drivers can use the software to report accidents or damage or maintenance issues for their rig in a timely and detailed manner.

MyRig: The Truck Management App

MyRig, the leader of truck management apps, offers an effective mobile truck management solution for drivers. This truck management Android app is compatible with Android tablets and offers increased trucking software mobility. Furthermore, it can interfaced to any Enterprise Trucking Software product.

Dowload MyRig, the total truck management solution, to all your Android tablets today!