Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

It used to be that performing vehicle inspections was a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. MyRig, available from trucking software management leader CSI, is revolutionizing the entire vehicle inspection process. MyRig is a user-friendly trucking software application that allows drivers to record inspection information with greater speed and efficiency while also providing dispatchers with real-time access to important information regarding the condition of the vehicle.

MyRig's Mobility Is Just One of Many Benefits

Because MyRig is designed for downloading to an Android tablet, it can accompany drivers wherever the road might take them. Other key MyRig benefits include:

  • Customization - Can be installed in a truck or portable
  • Compatibility - Easy integration with existing routing/dispatch application
  • Affordability - MyRig's price point is lower than that of other similar software applications
  • Ease of communication - Facilitates the communication process between drivers and other company personnel
  • Driver protection - Drivers can document load condition at delivery to protect them against false damage claims

Enjoy a Streamlined Vehicle Inspection Process - Download MyRig Today!

With the MyRig trucking software app, vehicle inspections have never been easier. Discover why MyRig is rapidly becoming a truck driver's best friend!