Fleet Dispatch Software

Fleet Dispatch Software

MyRig: A Comprehensive Fleet Management Software Solution

Transportation companies everywhere are seeking ways to lower fleet operating costs while extending the lifespan of their vehicles. With MyRig, a revolutionary fleet management software app from CSI, you can simplify the entire fleet management process and give a welcome boost to your company's bottom line. You can easily download MyRig to your company's mobile devices.

A Valuable Addition to Truck Fleet Maintenance Systems

MyRig fleet maintenance software makes it easier to perform timely preventive maintenance. Fleet managers and service personnel get real-time access to maintenance records, even if your company includes multiple locations. Minor repairs can be performed before they result in breakdowns that leave your drivers stranded and cost your company money.

MyRig Also Provides Key Driver Benefits

The two-way communication means drivers can use MyRig fleet maintenance software to report maintenance issues promptly and receive further directions from dispatch. Drivers can use the app to easily manage and track expenses while on the road. MyRig is also a highly effective documentation tool thanks to its electronic signature capturing and photography functions that protect drivers against false damage claims made by warehouse personnel.

Multifunctional Fleet Dispatch App

Dispatchers love our software because it allows them to perform a wide variety of functions, including tracking the location of every vehicle in the fleet on a 24/7-basis, planning routes and driver schedules with greater efficiency, and rerouting drivers quickly if the need arises. MyRig can be easily integrated into your existing routing/dispatch application.

Mobility and Ease of Use

Whether you're a driver, dispatcher or fleet manager, you can take our fleet management software app with you wherever you go so its multiple benefits are always at your fingertips. We've designed MyRig to be as user-friendly as possible, and little training is required to master its capabilities.

Put MyRig to Work for Your Company Today

Take advantage of all that MyRig has to offer by downloading it to your company's mobile devices today. If you want to "try before you buy," you can also contact us for a free no-risk product demo.

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