In Truck Computing System

In Truck Computing System

Make MyRig a Part of Your In-Truck Computer System

A truck onboard computer system is standard equipment in most rigs these days. Get the most out of your truck rig computer system with MyRig, a multifunctional in-truck computing app that can also be installed on your Android tablet. MyRig was developed by CSI, a leading provider of reliable transportation software solutions that have been making a trucker's life easier for over two decades.

MyRig Keeps You in Touch with Dispatchers

When MyRig is linked with on a truck computer system equipped with GPS and Bluetooth technology, you can easily maintain contact with dispatchers. A dispatcher can quickly determine your location and redirect you on a moment's notice if necessary. If you're involved in an accident, you can report the details to dispatch without delay. You can also be informed of new load assignments and use the app to download and process the information as soon as you receive it.

Reduce Administrative Headaches with This In-Truck Computing App

With MyRig, you can perform a number of administrative functions right from the cab of your rig. Enter trip-related information, such as expenses, and accurately track and record data regarding vehicle use. This also makes our in-truck computing app a valuable tool if you're seeking ways to reduce the amount of paper forms and logs you use during a trip.

MyRig Is Valuable Outside Your Vehicle Too

While MyRig can add value to a truck computer system, it provides many benefits when you're away from the vehicle as well. When installed on your mobile device, for instance, you can use the app to photograph loads and capture electronic signatures at the delivery site. By doing so, you'll have strong documentation that supports you in the event of a false damage claim. You'll also appreciate the way MyRig can speed up and simplify the recording of information during the load and vehicle inspection processes.

MyRig Is a Driver's Best Friend

Whether you install MyRig on your in-truck computer system or your Android tablet, you'll be able to perform your job with greater efficiency. Download MyRig today!

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